About the organizers

Amanda Charlesworth


Amanda is a M.Sc. student in the Department of Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto. Amanda is currently working in Dr. Julie Claycomb’s lab examining the essential Argonaute CSR-1 in the mighty nematode C. elegans. While she is relatively new to the RNA field, she believes collaboration is an essential part of moving science forward, and is excited to help create a new opportunity for labs in the region to learn from one another.


Lauren Ostrowski


Lauren is a Ph.D. candidate in Dr. Karim Mekhail’s lab at the University of Toronto. She has a longstanding passion for the study of long non-coding RNA biology. Lauren’s M.Sc. work involved characterizing the functional role of an endogenous natural antisense transcript in the regulation of Ustilago maydis teliospore dormancy. Her current Ph.D. research focuses on modelling neurodegenerative disease-linked mutations to RNA-binding proteins in budding yeast.


Matthew Hildebrandt

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Nevraj Kejiou

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Eesha Sharma

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Amanda Hall

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